In 1970 Neville Trickett and Robert Paterson founded Siva and started making kit cars. Between 1970 and 1975 Siva made the Mule. It was similar to the Mini Moke and utilised a steel frame with mini subframes forming the chassis. In all, 12 were made.

We now have the jigs and moulds and are bringing it up-to-date. We're going 'entry level', with modern mechanicals, to produce a summer fun car, cheap to build and basic.

The original Mule:
$_86 (2)
Siva Mule for sale
The modern Mule, with it's two seats, high performance engine, small overhangs and 13-inch wheels, will be a cross between a  roadster and a buggy. There is a  boot for long journeys or for holding all the gear needed for any well-organized trip. An ideal car for jaunting as they said in the 50's!

The Mule driver will be the one fed up of the more expensive, more complex, sterile 'Eurobox', who wants a return to the simple pleasure of driving, a return to the days when the car was used for leisure. The Mule will be a get-away vehicle.
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